Customer Rewards


Earn rewards with every in-store purchase


Earn 1.5% per transaction

Earn double rewards on local items

Rewards/Points accumulate in the form of store credit

This store credit can be used during any transaction and never expires

Alcohol is excluded


Customers can choose to opt-out of automatically printed receipts.


If you choose to opt-out, we can always print one for you at any register. 


Customers can choose to sign up for e-receipts. All we need is a valid e-mail address. 

Special Offers

Punch Cards


Birthday Coupon

Be sure to opt-in to receive special offers

Secure One Touch

Use it to associate your customer account in-store


*Tokenize your ​credit card for quick and easy payment at checkout

Online Customer Portal

Manage your customer account online


Update your profile information 

Opt in or out of special offers

View past orders and items

Make Shopping Lists

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