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 Customer Rewards 

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  • Earn Rewards with every in-store purchase.*

  • Earn 1.5% per transaction.

  • Earn double rewards on local items.

  • Rewards/Points accumulate in the form of store credit.

  • This credit can be used during any transaction* and never expires. 

*excludes alcohol

Name and phone number required to participate. There is no fee.



  • Customers can choose to opt out of automatically printed receipts. 

  • If you choose to opt out, we can always print you a receipt at the register. 

  • Customers can choose to sign up for e-receipts.*

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*Email is required to receive e-receipts.




The Secure OneTouch uses biometrics so that customers can associate themselves to their store account with only a single touch. The unit’s biometrics reader scans dozens of points from the user’s fingerprint, offering ultimate security.
The moment the user touches the biometric reader, the system begins searching for the associated customer record. If the biometric scan is matched to an encrypted customer record, the system will associate the customer to the transaction.
If the consumer also has a tokenized credit card recorded within our sysyem, it will allow the attendant or consumer to finalize the whole transaction, without needing to swipe a physical credit card. 

Does the fingerprint get stored?
Absolutely not. Our POS only stores a partial mathematical pattern translated into a numerical ID, that can be used to match up the fingerprint in the future, on the same device. For even more assurance, the system Triple DES encrypts this numerical ID, so in the end, it becomes a puzzle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Why do it?

  • Speed &  Efficiency at checkout

    • One Tap Association.

    • Automatic Rewards.

  • Tokenization

    • Attatch your payment method (Credit/Debit Card)​ to your customer account.

    • Instant, safe transactions

    • More info below.

Sign up for this feature in person at Customer Service.



  • Tokenization isn't just faster - it's safer.

  • Completing a payment using Tokenization eliminates swiping any card, or entering any pin.

"Does my card get stored?"
    Not at all. It is handled as any normal transaction would be, only the credit card processor returns a token representing your card for future transactions.

  • This eliminates the avenues for malicious people to potentially gain access to your information. 

Once you have your Biometric TouchID set up, you can add any credit card to your account.

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